• Rank: 743
  • Genre: Drum & Bass
  • Location: Cambridge, C3, United Kingdom
743 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



logistics is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

logistics is performing within the field of Drum & Bass music and is ranked 743 on the official DJ rankings list (www.dj-rankings.com).

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Logistics 10 hours ago:
@k4pzz :D
Logistics 15 hours ago:
@MissIgs @timparker boo to tweets geotagged from Croatia!! Hope you're having a good time :)
Logistics 18 hours ago:
RT @HospitalRecords: This Thurs > @LogisticsDNB #Polyphony Album Launch @nutone @LondonElek @HughHardieMusic & More http://t.co/zbPwPiUzog …
Logistics 18 hours ago:
@timparker terry-aggy
Logistics 19 hours ago:
@timparker Frankie and Benny's? Most probably Teri-aki I think 🍣🍱🍜
Logistics 19 hours ago:
@banaknight thanks glad you enjoyed it :)
Logistics 19 hours ago:
@Afolox thanks :)
Logistics 19 hours ago:
@ant_curtis @HospitalRecords thanks man :)
Logistics 19 hours ago:
@Synth_Force @LondonElek @nutone @HospitalRecords apologies to your employer!
Logistics 19 hours ago:
@AnaloguePanda @HospitalRecords thank you for supporting it :)
Logistics 20 hours ago:
@soulventrecords @BryzoneOfficial ah too man, hopefully catch up with you both soon 👍👊✌️
Logistics 20 hours ago:
RT @sam__whitehead: This Thurs is the @LogisticsDNB #Polyphony album launch at Fez w/ Logistics @nutone @LondonElek & more! Tkts: http://t.…
Logistics 20 hours ago:
@RuevaUK Thanks for supporting 😎👍
Logistics 20 hours ago:
RT @HospitalRecords: Just uploaded: @LogisticsDNB 'Sure As Sunrise' feat. @HughHardieMusic official music video http://t.co/E5kjWgcDYs
Logistics 1 day ago:
RT @ClubWhiteNoise: 2 days to go! @LogisticsDNB #Polyphony album launch at Fez w/ Logistics @nutone @LondonElek Tim Parker, Hugh Hardie, Wr…
Logistics 2 days ago:
RT @HospitalRecords: TONIGHT @R1Dance Hospital Recs Takeover 9pm-12am BST with @HughHardieMusic @MetrikMusic, @LogisticsDNB & @DynamiteMC h…
Logistics 2 days ago:
RT @HospitalRecords: This Thurs: @LogisticsDNB #Polyphony Album Launch @nutone @LondonElek @HughHardieMusic & More http://t.co/zbPwPiUzog h…
Logistics 3 days ago:
@demandrecords nice one man! Hopefully catch up with you soon :)
Logistics 3 days ago:
RT @HospitalRecords: Make sure you're tuned in to our BBC R1 Dance Radio live takeover tomorrow from 9pm-Midnight BST. Listen live here: ht…
Logistics 3 days ago:
@rhiannonpaigex 😊👍

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