Location:London, United Kingdom
    Date of birth:1963-08-30
    Played in 2014:83 concerts
    Next concert:about 1 month
    Distance travelled:1,056,380 miles
61 official

United Kingdom



paul oakenfold is among the top DJs in the world

paul oakenfold is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 61 on the official DJ rankings list (

paul oakenfold is 51 years old, and his zodiac is Virgo.

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Zedd 2 hours ago:
Forgot to mention a huge 'thank you' to Justin and Sam at @Eyewax for making the Moment Of Clarity Documentary!! :)
Zedd 10 hours ago:
RT @dancingastro: Check out @Zedd’s ‘Moment of Clarity’ Documentary
Zedd 21 hours ago:
@taylorswift13 @TheGRAMMYs hahahahahahahahah
Zedd 2 days ago:
Zedd 2 days ago:
Thanks so much everyone for asking questions!!! We've managed to make #AskZedd a worldwide trending topic! THANK YOU!
Zedd 2 days ago:
@a_sistozax i would love that
Zedd 2 days ago:
@mfsbg if I tell you it's not a secret anymore ;)
Zedd 2 days ago:
@RahKnee I think the most memorable one was "Firefly" - I believe it was in 2013! I will never forget it!
Zedd 2 days ago:
@_Zeddex_ I've had Audis before but currently driving a BMW and loving it!
Zedd 2 days ago:
@polygon_dust_ only on weekends!
Zedd 2 days ago:
@fosterthegenius I wish I could!
Zedd 2 days ago:
@Mey_fancy117 the confetti one is definitely my favorite
Zedd 2 days ago:
@washburn93 no release date yet but maybe there's gonna be news on that soon! ;)
Zedd 2 days ago:
@GrandesSean Yes definitely! There's another full album coming out in 2015! And it's going to be spectacular, I promise! :)
Zedd 2 days ago:
@AlanStryMonster absolutely. I loved that show!!! Can't wait to come back!
Zedd 2 days ago:
@zarrybbe I have been to Greece a few times, yes :)
Zedd 2 days ago:
@winninggould sure thing! :)
Zedd 2 days ago:
@wantedwithrush i don't!
Zedd 2 days ago:
@teenagefoxes like I mentioned. Probably Memento. But there's so many fantastic movies out there
Zedd 2 days ago:
@heartb0ws follow your heart.

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31 Jan
Décimo - Vail, CO, US
28 Feb
Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez - Mexico City, Mexico

Touring data

Next 2 concerts
  • Vail, CO, US
  • Mexico City, Mexico
Most played
  • Las Vegas (44)
  • Los Angeles (37)
  • Miami (26)
  • London (25)
  • SF Bay Area (22)
Appears most with
  • Madonna (38)
  • Paul van Dyk (30)
  • Sasha (22)
  • Carl Cox (21)
  • Nervo (21)

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