• Rank: 6799
  • Genre: Electro House, Progressive House
  • Location: Los Angeles, United States
6799 official

United States



trevi is a DJ from United States

trevi is performing within the field of Electro House, Progressive House music and is ranked 6799 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Dj Trevi 24 minutes ago:
If you believe in love retweet #EDMfamily #Ferguson #prettyravers
Dj Trevi 27 minutes ago:
RT @KFrogPepper: @DjTrevi_offical Helllllllloooooooooo!!!! :)
Dj Trevi 27 minutes ago:
I don't think this is @deadmau5. Must be his Mexican double. #edmfamily
Dj Trevi 29 minutes ago:
Hello @KFrogPepper
Dj Trevi 29 minutes ago:
RT @tinastullracing: Today I am getting rid of the clutter. Time to free up@rom stuff I don't need and can't find.
Dj Trevi 15 hours ago:
RT @djmikeavery: Back in the studio! *must not play games, must NOT play games* 😳
Dj Trevi 16 hours ago:
The Mexican @deadmau5 Nate Rat
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
@dingustyles @RylieBrown now I can call @KFROGRadio and request it.... Yes
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
RT @selsharmony: rylie brown's single is coming out saturday yaAS
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
@LaGataFans @MaiteOficial @DanArenas Si pero sige furte en Los E.U.
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
@Dyro legit
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
How was your weekend family?
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
Without a doubt, the cashew is my favorite nut that sounds like a sneeze.
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
Dj Trevi 3 days ago:
RT @CassIsBadAss: yep, 11 is a great song! — I love 11! Especially because she wrote it & it means something to her & people can r... http:…
Dj Trevi 3 days ago:
@IngrahamAngle Nothing wrong with the way you want to live, just don't impose your views on others! Now go fuck a donky you silly whore!
Dj Trevi 3 days ago:
@IngrahamAngle haven't you heard of separation of church and state! people were persecuted so they left, to create a country, that was free
Dj Trevi 3 days ago:
@IngrahamAngle you're an idiot. Being Christian is not a crime! In salving people not giving people equal rights!
Dj Trevi 4 days ago:
Weirdest dream: I was filming a film with @cher And @JCameronOnline. It was a love story and I was Cher younger lover.
Dj Trevi 5 days ago:
@AnnCoulter your a disgusting human being. I'll be happy to find you and inject the Ebola virus and you.

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