• Rank: 6798
  • Genre: Electro House, Progressive House
  • Location: Los Angeles, United States
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United States



trevi is a DJ from United States

trevi is performing within the field of Electro House, Progressive House music and is ranked 6798 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Dj Trevi 1 hour ago:
@deadmau5 @DestructoHARD only reason I'm going was to get the Deadmau5 experience for the first time. Way to go and ruining it for me.
Dj Trevi 1 hour ago:
@DestructoHARD u mean I bought a ticket to see 2 of my favorite acts @deadmau5 @ericprydz, I won't see mau5heads. Dat sum shit
Dj Trevi 2 hours ago:
RT @deadmau5: .@DestructoHARD the literature could have easily said "no helmets / masks" instead of pointing out the headliner you booked. …
Dj Trevi 5 hours ago:
RT @CSEdm: Get ur tickets for @DjTrevi_offical last US appearance of the year. #EDMFamily Ticket: [
Dj Trevi 9 hours ago:
I'm not myself tonight.
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @andersoncooper: Just saw #theimitationgame. Incredible story of injustice against gay genius #AlanTuring who cracked Nazi code in WW2 s…
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @twobadtourists: Reykjavik #GayPride - Find out what it's all about! #mygaypride #iceland @pinkiceland
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @Gavrielia: @deadmau5 Thanks for streaming tonight, Joel. You always seem to know when I need serious cheering up. ♥
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @ixdaily: Go on an adventure with @ERIELINDIGO's WTF moments from her seductive video for "Innocence": #NowWatchi…
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @VerdugoBrothers: #EstiloSessions is back w/ another episode! Hear tracks from Verdugo Brothers Axwell Λ Ingrosso MAKJ DANNIC... http://…
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @DarienFaust: 17 new unfollowers and 9 new followers (hello! hello!) in the last week. Via
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
@rooharper morning
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
@ShinyToyGuy yes, how are you this weekend
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
@ShinyToyGuy haha fatty
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
If you believe in love retweet #EDMfamily #Ferguson #prettyravers
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @KFrogPepper: @DjTrevi_offical Helllllllloooooooooo!!!! :)
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
I don't think this is @deadmau5. Must be his Mexican double. #edmfamily
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
Hello @KFrogPepper
Dj Trevi 1 day ago:
RT @tinastullracing: Today I am getting rid of the clutter. Time to free up@rom stuff I don't need and can't find.
Dj Trevi 2 days ago:
RT @djmikeavery: Back in the studio! *must not play games, must NOT play games* 😳

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