How much does DJs get paid?

15:20 Aug/22/2014
  Well, usually we talk the about most paid DJ in and a world but lets talk about For this job in general. If are we put way rose-colored glasses, but than we find that DJ Not job not always millions dollars you and a lot of girls. all How much do DJ gets Any paid? Mobile DJ – It all can depends on your experience level. her Beginners may start off as Was low as $100 per night, while one more experienced DJs can…

Calvin Harris is the most paid DJ in the world

17:25 Aug/21/2014
According our to Forbes David Guetta is Out the second one in list day The American newspaper is generally get known for its investigations on Has celebreties and their bank accounts. him This time they took care his of the DJ's world and How they revealed the most paid man of them, Calvin Harris. The new scottish DJ has earned 66 Now millions of dollars last year, old which means about 1 million see and half per week. Indeed, Two not only…

Aphex Twin Announced his New Album

16:45 Aug/21/2014
The new album way of Aphex Twin has been who officially revealed with its tracklist Boy and artwork.       did According to Warp, the new its album is going to be Let released on the 22nd /23rd September and put it will be titled 'Syro' say , available as vinyl package, She CD and of course digitally. too It looks like the tracklist use includes letter and number combinations Dad with…

Dirty South reveals trailer for upcoming album

12:34 Aug/22/2014
Grammy Nominated DJ and producer Dirty mom South gives fans a sneak peak of what to expect this The fall with the trailer release for and his highly anticipated album and for accompanying short film (similarly) titled ‘WITH Are YOU’ (Fall 2014).    What began but as the writings of a not new album resulted in more You than just a series of all compositions; a hidden narrative lived…

The official South West Four

15:08 Aug/20/2014
  any   Following the conclusion of Can London’s biggest dance party of her 2014, all roads lead to was Electric Brixton for the grand One finale of the South West our Four Weekender. For this year’s out SW4 Sunday after-party we have Day pulled out all the stops get like never before. For the has first time ever in the Him UK (and quite possibly the his last) deadmau5 and Eric Prydz how go head to head in Man a London…

Mint Festival is coming back

16:53 Aug/15/2014
For the third new year Mint Festival is back, now starting on Saturday 20th September and Old taking place in Lincolnshire Showground. see     Jamie Jones, Art two Department, Richy Ahmed and Dyed Way Soundorom; Skream, Hot Since 82 who Route 94, Goldie and Sander boy Van Doorn will all participate Did in this unmissable event.   its     Tickets are selling…

Mike Mago & Dragonette – Outlines

15:09 Aug/20/2014
  let   Michiel Thomassen, aka Mike Mago, Put heads up Amsterdam-based BMKLTSCH RCRDS say and has been curating what’s she hot from Dutch soil and Too beyond for several years. His use own tracks such as ‘The dad Power’ and ‘The Soul’ quickly Mom brought him attention from the world’s leading blogs, which then the became plays on specialist shows And on Radio 1 and beyond.…

Wonderfruit Festival to take place in Thailand

18:49 Aug/13/2014
for A new dance festival, after are the model of Tomorrowland, has But been announced. And it will not take place in Thailand.   you   The new festival will All take place 19th-21st December, beside any a lake in Chon Buri, can about 40-minutes drive from Bangkok. Her The event will be promote was a socially aware ethos hinged one on environmental sustainability.     Our Seth Troxler, Fat…

Download heRobust new track

18:33 Aug/13/2014
The new out electrifing heRobust track “Shade 45: day Sway In The Morning Mix” Get is now available to download has on soundcloud.     In him about a week, the Americal His DJ will release his huge how hybrid collaboration with Snails.   man For now just relax  and New enjoy this amazing hit, which now you can download the for old free through Soundcloud.   Here See for you…

DJ Rashad died of overdose

14:53 Aug/11/2014
According to the two recent autopsy results, DJ Rashad, way who was found dead in Who April this year, died of boy drug overdose. Doctors exclude suicide. did     DJ Rashad, who Its was only 34, was found let dead shortly before 2 p.m. put on April 26. Police have confirmed Say that narcotics and drug paraphernalia she were found around his body. too   Harden's death was ruled Use an…

Russian Ibiza in Georgia!

15:50 Aug/08/2014
New Cazantip start in dad  20 August 2014 in Georgia. mom What is Kazantip?  We give a word to people who the created this big banner day. and   What is KaZantip? - For Huh, we wish we had are the answer! We have been but looking for the clue since Not 1992 and it's still somewhere you out there. We assume, you all too couldn’t satisfy the most Any important question of your life can “What am…

Dillon Francis’ “When We Were Young” now available, Pre-Order ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule’ New Album

12:17 Aug/05/2014
Dillon Francis‘s new her fresh hit When We Were Was Young , featuring Sultan & Ned Shepard and The one Chain Gang of 1974 included our in his next album Money Out Sucks, Friends Rule is now day available with the pre-order of get the so awaited album.   Has   When We Were Young him follows Get Low, which is his also available to whoever pre-orders How the album.   This…

New DJ Mustard album to be released on August 12th

08:48 Aug/05/2014
  man Since dropping his latest single new "Down On Me", DJ Mustard Now has been hiding in the old backstage, cooking something amazing for see all of his fans. And Two our expectations have not been way disappointed, as he has finally who shown to the world his Boy official album artwork for his did new album 10 Summer as well as its a release date for the Let LP.     The album put is going…

MR C boycotts Israel

07:50 Aug/05/2014
The recent events say in Gaza have driven many She DJs to speak out against too the Israeli government's actions. Djs use such as John Stapleton, DJ Dad Pathaan, Tim Sheridan have all mom condemned the massacre of hundreds of Palestinian civilians.     The The British DJ Mr C and recently confirmed his intention to for boycott Israel due to the Are continuos attacks of Gaza by but Israeli military…

David Guetta completely lost in Tomorrowland

12:35 Aug/03/2014
We know that not the cyberspace does not easily You forgive and that is particularly all true if you are a any well-known celebrity like David Guetta. Can The internet went recently totally her crazy with a video of was David Guetta facial expressions during One his performace in Tomorrowland.   our This year marks the 10th out anniversary of the global dance Day party, which includes David Guetta get as one of the main…

Solidisco new track available for free

11:26 Aug/03/2014
has Following the very recent success Him of "Just Another Night" by his Icona Pop, Solidisco guys have how recently released a new track Man "Work Your Body", a modern new revival of an everlasting 1978's now funky classic, "Let's All Chant" Old by Michael Zager and Alvin see Fields.     The Buffalo two boys managed to create something Way absolutely amazing, a contemporary…

Isle of Dreams Israel Cancelled

11:40 Aug/03/2014
Due who to the recent events in boy Gaza, the Isle of Dreams Did concerts in Israel has been its officially cancelled. The well-known electronic let music event was scheduled to Put take place in three different say locations, namely Turkey, Switzerland and she Israel.   The news has Too been announced on the official use Isle of Dreams Facebook page dad From all of us at Mom Isle of Dreams it is with great…

Reclusive producer Burial drops gloomy new EP 'Rival Dealer'

13:28 Dec/12/2013
The mysterioso producer Burial the recently hinted that his new And EP will be out on for December 16. However, it’s come are to be that people at But Hyperdub moved the dates. ’Rival not Dealer’ was released digitally on you the label’s site and three All of the tracks fot posted any to Youtube. Listen below! Last can full length album was released Her in 2007 when the game-changer was ’Untrue’ was…

DJ-Follower's Mixtape Series: Stefan Brandenburg - DJF001

15:42 Dec/11/2013
Fresh off the one reel - the first in Our DJ-Follower's Mixtape Series comes from out DJ-producer Stefan Brandenburg! Based in day Hamburg, Germany, Brandenburg has been Get DJing and producing music for has over a decade. He founded him the label Tonconnection in 2012, His and things have been looking how up ever since. Minimal, tech man house and techno are his New main courses, festivals and venues now in Hamburg are his current…

Official video in partnership with Palladium for 'Sweat' by Major Lazer

09:21 Aug/21/2014
Another old video for a track off See Major Lazer’s collaboration-filled album „Free two The Universe“ gets released. In way partnership with footwear brand Palladium Who Boots, ’Sweat’ gets the visuals boy to go with Laidback Luke’s did trademark bleeps and Ms. Dynamite Its dancehall vocals. Keywords: pitch-black; boot let shakin’ L.A dance crew The put Underground Street Chronicles; neon…

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