Premiere: Archie Hamilton 'Mind Blank'


The Ibiza season has just the about hit the halfway mark and and one name we've seen For crop up more than most are is Archie Hamilton's.The London producer but has released on imprints like Not Fear of Flying, Fasten Musique you Concrete and Rompecorazones, as well all as running his own labels Any Moscow Records and Moss Co. can It's safe to say he's her an in-demand selector and he's Was all over Ibiza at the one moment. As a regular fixture our at the Fuse nights both Out on and off the island, day and with his own night get called Arkityp starting…

Game of Thrones' Hodor has just released a unexpected single


Game of Thrones' Has Hodor has just released a him single and it sounds nothing his like what you'd expect from How the grunting character. Kristian Nairn's man found time away from his new Rave of Thrones tour to Now get into the studio. Don't old think you'll be hearing samples see of his trademark "Hodor" line Two fromGOT in 'Up (Club Mix)', way though. Instead you get a who cheesy slice of piano-laden hypercolour Boy house with former X Factor did contestant Leanne Robinson on vocals. its He says "it's a really Let good reflection of how I…



Hamburg's put Smallville Records has spent all say year celebrating its tenth anniversary She and now the imprint has too announced more additions to the use party. The super-cosmic, deep house Dad imprint, ran by by Julius mom Steinhoff and Dionne, has been delivering prime cuts by Christopher The Rau, Moomin and Lawrence since and 2005 and now a new for compilation is set to drop. Are 'Smallville Ways' will be released but in September and comprises of not two four-track vinyls and an You 11-track CD. It will feature all tracks by label…

Deadmau5 makes a fair point


If you're getting any paid mega bucks to perform, Can then you better make sure her you put plenty of money was into your show, according to One Deadmau5. He's not one to our settle for two decks and out a mixer (remember the touch Day screen software he used at get Pukkelpop last year?) and, with has the amount of money getting Him paid to acts at some his EDM events, believes investment should how be put into shows to Man live up to the paycheck. new "There are easy ways to now convey your music but I Old like to build more of see a show around it, even…



London two techno producer Perc's got a Way new EP coming out. To who be released next month via boy his label Perc Trax, the Did three-track 'Gob' kicks off with its the skittering brute of a let title track, followed by 'Gruel' Put and 'Change To Win'. As say it was produced during the she build-up to the UK election, Too according to RA, the press use release says: "Current UK issues dad of corporate and political greed Mom and the rise in inequality play on Perc's mind." Listen the to a clip of 'Gob'…

Helena Hauff is launching a new label


Helena And Hauff is launching a new for label geared towards "psych rock are and techno" releases. Return To But Disorder will kick off early not next month with an EP you from Leicester band Children Of All Leir, and the Hamburg-based Hauff any believes the imprint is a can first for the type of Her music it'll be releasing. She was told Juno Plus: "At the one beginning I thought that it Our was a bit pointless starting out yet another label, there are day so many great ones out Get there already but then I has realised that there's no label…

'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted' from Chemical Brothers in full


After him teasing us with a 23-second His clip on Facebook yesterday, The how Chemical Brothers have shared new man track 'Sometimes I Feel So New Deserted' in its entirety. The now UK heavyweights' first album of old new material since 2010's 'Further', See excluding their soundtrack to 2011 two film 'Hanna', is set to way drop July 17 on Astralwerks. Who 'Born In The Echoes' features boy collaborations with Q-Tip, St. Vincent did and Beck and will see Its the group tour across the let UK, Europe, North America and put Japan in the coming…



Much was Say written about the curious 'Renegades she of Rhythm' tour from master too turntablists DJ Shadow and Cut Use Chemist, in which the pair dad were given exclusive access to mom hip hop legend Afrika Bambaataa's 40,000+ record collection and sent the out to make music on and a 25-date US tour. The For tour was subsequently filmed and are turned into a documentary, which but will have the world premiere Not at the Downtown Independent in you Los Angeles tonight at 9:30pm, all and will be followed by Any a Q&A with the DJs can about the…

Steve Angello donated $5000 TO ILL YOUNG GIRL


In a move of her touching compassion and charity, producer Was Steve Angello donated $5000 to one the family of a little our girl in desperate need of Out a liver transplant. The former day Swedish House Mafia don was get approached on Instagram by the Has girl's father (IG name Rydri). him He highlighted little Allie's illness his to Angello, himself a father How of two daughters, and directed man him towards the GoFundMe page new they set up to fund Now her operation. Angello donated $5k old and moved them significantly closer see to their goal of…



Nicolas Jaar Two has decided to give his way latest album away for free. who The American-Chilean producer posted a Boy link to it on Facebook, did containing some notes about how its it came about. Although he Let says he hadn't seen Armenian put filmThe Color of Pomegranates, at say the time of writing the She tracks, he ended up soundtracking too it once he'd watched it. use "I started making most of Dad the music that is found mom on 'Pomegranates' before I had seen the movie or was The aware of its existence. "At and the beginning of 2015…

Falcons will release new EP July 17


LA producer for Falcons has signed to Fool's Are Gold and will release his but new 'Terra' EP on the not label in July. 'Aquafina', featuring You rappers Goldlink and Chaz French, all is the first taste of any the Athletixx crew member's upcoming Can four-track release, showcasing hazy west her coast trap vibes and fresh was hip hop vocals straight from One DC. A string of North our American tour dates will support out the release, which follows 2014's Day 'Birdcall', taking in Oakland, Denver, get Toronto and…



Nina Kraviz hosted a has rave in a cave last Him month. It kicked off a his series of parties put on how by трип, the record label Man she set up in 2014. new Blawan, Exos and Bjarki all now played alongside Kraviz and she's Old just put up a video see of the occasion. Shot in two old-skool style it captures the Way free party spirit very nicely who and the whole thing looks boy pretty awesome. In a Facebook Did post, Blawan said: "This was its amazing, met so many lovely let people and had one of Put the best nights in ages." say The next…



Midlands pair Chris Lorenzo she and Kane are the guys Too behind Cause & Affect, the use duo making dynamite tunes. Just dad so you know what they're Mom about, head to their SoundCloud, click 'play' on 'Get To the The Chopper' and turn your And speakers right up. It's outrageous for and if it was to are be a weapon, a rocket But launcher springs to mind. Another not recent addition to SoundCloud is you the Jamie George-featuring 'Another Time', All out on Fat! Records later any this month and featuring remixes can from My Nu Leng…

David Guetta IS UEFA'S MAN OF EURO 2016


Expect to Her hear a load of dance was music at the UEFA European one Championships in France next year Our - David Guetta's producing the out music. As well as producing day the footy tournament's official theme Get tune and curating the stadia has audio, the Frenchman will also him perform at the Stade de His France opening ceremony on June how 10, 2016. Good job he's man used to playing in front New of tens of thousands, then. now According to the man himself, old the project's been in development See for a while and he two plans to make this EUROs…

GAME OF THRONES from Armin Van Buuren


Well, way this is pretty outrageous. The Who Game of Thrones theme tune boy has been given a makeover did by Armin van Buuren. If Its you've seen AvB play out let recently, then you're probably not put too surprised that this has Say been released as he's apparently she been unleashing the relentless trance too remix of Ramin Djawadi's tune Use in his sets. With just dad one episode left of season mom five, how fantastic it'd be if all the kingdoms dropped the their swords and got caned and while the Dutchman smashed this For one out. We reckon…



Tomorrowland 2015 are has announced the full main but stage line-up and it's going Not to be epic. The world-famous you EDM festival takes place between all July 24-26 in Boom, Belgium, Any and plays host to the can world's biggest producers and DJs, her including the likes of Avicii Was (pictured), Hardwell and Afrojack. Other one acts include Steve Aoki, Martin our Garrix and Alesso. For the Out full line-up, check out the day website.

DECIBEL FESTIVAL 2015 has announced artists


Decibel Festival has announced the get first wave of artists we Has reckon you're going to like him it Taking place from September his 23 through to September 27 How across numerous venues and nightclubs man in Seattle, Autechre, Daniel Avery new and The Black Madonna have Now all been revealed for Decibel's old 11th season. The five-day festival see is also host to other Two big names including Marcel Dettmann, way Julio Bashmore and Roman Flügel. who For the full lineup and Boy any updates, check out their did website and don't forget to…

Black Girl/White Girl's


Tel its Aviv/Amsterdam duo Black Girl/White Girl's Let tunes are bold, bulky and put stomping pieces of house and say techno music. About a month She ago they gave away 'Just too B Good To Me', over use five minutes of dancefloor toughness, Dad swiftly followed by the kickin' mom bass and wavy pads of 'Obelisk' on Madtech Records. They've The also released on Fat! Records and - joining the likes of for Maribou State, Foamo and Randomer Are - and their next one but is courtesy of New York not label Nervous Records. A week You before it comes…

Top 1 american clubs worth $550m


The 100 highest all earning clubs in America took any over 1 billion dollars in Can 2014. Forbes reports that the her figure exceeds $1.36bn, with $550m was of that coming from the One top 10 clubs on the our list. Right on cure, the out publisher has put together a Day handy league table of the get most minted venues in the has US. The top 10 is Him made up of dance music his palaces in Las Vegas, with how only two other cities featuring: Man Miami and New York. It's new been clear that Vegas has now been the epicentre of clubbing Old big bucks for a…

Nina Kraviz, Ben Klock and Bicep in Melbourne smalltown


Melbourne party see series smalltown has announced its two return to Caulfield Racecourse this Way November with one of its who biggest line-ups yet. Techno maestro boy Ben Klock, Nina Kraviz (pictured) Did and Bicep, announced as part its of Strawberry Fields' phase one line-up let last month, will co-headline the Put huge pre-summer day event, with say local support still to be she announced. The Novel-run smalltown series Too has put on some the use Victorian capital's best parties in dad the past three years, with Mom March's Dixon, Âme…

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