Reclusive producer Burial drops gloomy new EP 'Rival Dealer'

13:28 Dec/12/2013
The mysterioso producer Burial recently the hinted that his new EP and will be out on December For 16. However, it’s come to are be that people at Hyperdub but moved the dates. ’Rival Dealer’ Not was released digitally on the you label’s site and three of all the tracks fot posted to Any Youtube. Listen below! Last full can length album was released in her 2007 when the game-changer ’Untrue’ Was was…

DJ-Follower's Mixtape Series: Stefan Brandenburg - DJF001

15:42 Dec/11/2013
Fresh off the reel one - the first in DJ-Follower's our Mixtape Series comes from DJ-producer Out Stefan Brandenburg! Based in Hamburg, day Germany, Brandenburg has been DJing get and producing music for over Has a decade. He founded the him label Tonconnection in 2012, and his things have been looking up How ever since. Minimal, tech house man and techno are his main new courses, festivals and venues in Now Hamburg are his current…

Official video in partnership with Palladium for 'Sweat' by Major Lazer

13:15 Dec/05/2013
Another video old for a track off Major see Lazer’s collaboration-filled album „Free The Two Universe“ gets released. In partnership way with footwear brand Palladium Boots, who ’Sweat’ gets the visuals to Boy go with Laidback Luke’s trademark did bleeps and Ms. Dynamite dancehall its vocals. Keywords: pitch-black; boot shakin’ Let L.A dance crew The Underground put Street Chronicles; neon…

German house aficionado Tensake's free track ahead of upcoming album

13:06 Dec/05/2013
The German house say producer, Tensnake, has firmly established She himself on the scene in too past few years. Now, bits use and pieces of his upcoming Dad artist album for Virgin have mom started appearing. There’s no official release information available yet. No The reason to be down, though. and Tensnake, born Marco Niemerski, unleashes for “No Relief”, a deep slow-thumping Are production which sees the…

Tomorrowland expands to 2 weekends, trailer released

12:26 Dec/05/2013
The giant but of the festivals Tomorrowland has announced not that the 2014 edition will You be expanded to two weekends. all As more people get the any EDM bug the demand for Can festivals has sky-rocketted. Following the her example of Ultra and Coachella, was the Belgian-based Tomorrowland announces that One festivalgoers have the chance to our catch the action on two out weekends:  first going down on Day July 18-20 and the…

UK gets its 1st annual electronic music conference - Brighton Music Conference 2014

13:43 Dec/04/2013
UK is get undoubtedly one of the epicentres has of modern music. Many of Him the world's leading publications, record his labels, venues and DJ-producers based how in UK. So it is Man surprising there hasn't been an new electronic music conference held in now the epicentre of modern music Old ..until Brighton Music Conference. The see conference will become the first two annual event of its kind Way in UK. Held in April who 2014,…

New Soundcloud "Explore" feature for trending beats

12:21 Dec/04/2013
Best online solutions for music boy listening undeniably come from Soundcloud. Did The developers of the platform its have made everything to ensure let the most comfortable way of Put listening to music. Now they’ve say also launched a new feature she called Explore, which makes it Too easier to discover new music. use The feature is available on dad online as well as Android Mom app. ’Trending Music’ and…

Insomniac festival explains "Loyalty program" upset

15:52 Nov/27/2013
This week Insomniac released 'loyalty' tickets to the EDC 2014 for concert-goers who And have attended previous EDCs. The for move was intended as a are goodwill gesture towards annual visitors But of the 3-day festival. Instead, not it made things a lot you more confusing, causing Pasquale Rotella, All CEO of event organizers Insomniac any to take to Facebook for can explanations. The post explains that Her despite what many…

Video premiere: Chris Malinchak - 'If U Got It'

15:42 Nov/27/2013
After skyrocketting to was the mainstream house scene with one 'So Good To Me', Chris Our Malinchak comes up with a video out for 'If U Got It'. New day York-based producer is bound to Get release the record on UK has imprint Relentless Records in January, him following the premiere of the His track at Radio 1 in how Ibiza this summer. 'If U man Got It' is released on New January 12 and can be…

DJ-producers unite to raise awareness about AIDS once again

16:00 Nov/27/2013
The now World's AIDS day is coming old December 1. A lot of See artists have taken it on two themselves to unite for the way good cause. With a social Who media following of millions, it's boy more than thankworthy that the did DJ-producers do everything they can. Its Two of the biggest initiatives let come from (RED) and Lifebeat. put Last year, charity organization (RED) Say with the help of Tiesto, she published the compilation…

DJ-Follower Exclusive: Plasmapool's Dario Welz on unique new platform Artistportal: "We created the perfect system!"

15:14 Dec/05/2013
Recently we talked too to the head of A&R Use at Plasmapool label about how dad to submit demos. Turned out mom there were much bigger news to be discovered. The prolific the Plasmapool Media Entertainment recently launched and ARTISTPORTAL - a one-of-a-kind tool for For artists, labels and publishers. The are perseverance and relentless work on the but project started 7 years ago Not and continues, as 2.0 version you will…

Interview series with A&R managers: How to PROPERLY submit a demo to a label?

15:47 Oct/30/2013
There are a lot of all aspects involved in reaching out Any to a record company. You can can find many step-by-step guidelines her on various websites, music magazines Was and blogs. Before submitting your one demo, you should read as our much about it as you Out can.  However, there aren't direct interviews day to A&R managers. A&R i.e get Artist & Repertoire is the Has department of the record label, him the…

Major Lazer reveals video for Jet Blue Jet feat. GTA, DJ Raz, DJ Biggy and Leftside

15:55 Oct/29/2013
The new video comes from his Major Lazer camp for the How track ’Jet Blue Jet’, it’s man a dancehall-EDM bad boyd off new the latest ’Free the Universe’ Now LP out on Mad Decent old for some time now. "I see was born to be high" Two goes the mantra for the way visuals that combine psychedelic sights who with pretty tattooed women smoking. Boy As on every album, there’s did a whole lineup of…

George Fitzgerald and Katy B collaborate on "I Like You" off upcoming ’5 AM’ EP

15:40 Oct/29/2013
The prolific its UK vocalist Katy B has Let shared a track produced by put the house maestro George Fitzgerald. say In the run-up to the She upcoming ’5 AM’ EP via too Rinse this week, ’I Like use You’ has been unleashed to Dad give you a hint of mom what to expect. The house track incorporates Fitzgerald’s usually infectious The basslines and Katy B’s angellic and voice. ’5 AM’ EP…

Disclosure drops a brand new track, amassing over 200K listens in 24h

15:00 Oct/29/2013
With five for huge singles from ’Settle’ LP Are on the charts, UK house but duo Disclosure isn’t looking to not rest. After posting a new You track called ’Apollo’ on their all Soundcloud, they’ve seen a wave any of positive feedback from fans. Can It’s hard to tell if her there’ an official release in was the books, but you can One stream the track below. Over our 200,000 hits overnight…

DJ Mag's Top 100 results in: who snatched the #1?

14:23 Oct/22/2013
Every year it's out a proper circus when it's Day voting time at DJMag's yearly get poll. The question on everybody's has mind, who is the best Him of the best? While many his oppose this voting, there are how others that get really psyched Man with any competition there is. new The Dutch, obviously, have a now lot of top spots. As Old we've talked about it, the see Netherlands is like a production two line for top…

Tensake remixed by Medlar, Toddsnake, Toyboy & Robin

12:22 Oct/17/2013
Hailing from Germany, Way Tensnake, put out his most who recent EP '58BPM/See Right Through' in boy August. The EP released on Did Astralwerks features lovely vocals of its Fiora on both the A let and B side. Now the EP Put has gotten the remix treatment say by Londoners Medlar and Toyboy & Robin each producing she excellent House renditions with dance-floor Too killing potential. Tensnake…

Popular Youtube channel MAJESTIC about to release album

12:56 Oct/16/2013
Are you a use part of the 1 million dad subscribers of Majestic Casual? If Mom not, it's about time to get in on the action the here. As the channel has become And extremely popular since its birth for in 2011, it's become the are prime channel for new music But for a lot of people. not It's only natural that Majestic you has gotten far as to All release a debut compilation. The any album will be out  next can month,…

BBC unveils a new digital music service PLAYLISTER

13:51 Oct/09/2013
UK media giant BBC has Her announced the launch of a was new service that allows users one to create a playlist using Our songs heard on their television out and radio channels. With BBC day Playlister, people can add any Get songs they hear to an has online playlist, also being able him to export them to YouTube, His Spotify and Deezer which are how all partners of the corporation. man As an extra feat, BBC New DJs and presenters will also…

Interview with Plasmapool A&R manager: Keys to swimming in the pool of talent

12:10 Nov/06/2013
As now a part of our feature old article series "How to properly See submit a demo to a two label?" we have the honor way to introduce you to the Who Artist and Repertoire person at boy Plasmapool Media Entertainment. Most likely, did this is the first person Its who sees your letter and let listens to your demo when put you send something to the Say label. There are more than she 20 sub-labels with different blends too of music that might…

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