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On Thursday the 25th December it is ARMIN VAN BUUREN's birthday.
Come back and celebrate his birthday online.
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DJ Talk

  1. EDX just said: Switzerland! Home Sweet Home....
  2. SUFFUSED just said: RT @releasepromo: Esthetique 'Xenia’ out today on @Suffusedmusic! Bermuda, @Gvozdini, @yuriyfromrussia remixes!
  3. JELO just said: RT @killthenoise: If someone dislikes your song it’s ok nothing bad happens really
  4. TIËSTO just said: #LaserGameStrong
  5. ERIC SNEO just said: My latest remix of 'The YellowHeads – TYH – Old Riff’ was released today on Reload Records. Take a listen and…
  6. JON GAISER just said: x-mas for me will happen in Uruguay @woodland in Rivera together with my friend @logiztiksounds
  7. TODD TERRY just said: @pedrotaxi24 nice
  8. CAMILO FRANCO just said: Happy hollidays to everyone!! Felices Fiestas a tod@s!!
  9. CAMILO FRANCO just said: RT @NicoleWon4: @djcamilofranco is still hanging around the streets of @shimmybeach. Miss you man. Lets go back to…
  10. KYAU & ALBERT just said: Boom!!!!! Get #DistantLights from iTunes + as promised 3 tracks available to download instantly after album is…

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